CLM Fall 2021 Power Rankings: 15-11

Evan “Larfen” Himes

It’s been a bit of a truncated season this time. After a confident return this summer, CLM, along with most of the rest of the country, cut back on in-person events around holiday season, especially considering the outbreak of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. The last Midlane Melee event for this season was hosted on November 24th, the last Tripoint was held December 17th, and of course, Combat Cafe TO PAC DIESEL’s final Melee tournament was held on December 14th. This season did see the debut for a new local, though: iWater’s Scrims in Lisle, which had its first event the week of the last Midlane (November 22nd), and continued to hold events all through December.

The PR Panel:
Penicillin Krillin


One more thing before we get into it, this PR will be the last one with our tireless statistician Penicillin Krillin on the panel. He’s done a great and often thankless job for many years congregating the data that makes these PR’s possible, and will be missed in CLM.

Starting off the rankings is this Falco and owner of Chicagoland Melee’s own discord server. Mattchu makes his debut in the top 15, taking five sets off ORLY and one off GI0.

Chicago’s perennial Falcon still holds on this season, having wins over Michael and Arpy. We didn’t get to see much of how he performed against the rest of the PR, however, as he only ran into players who attend Tripoint.

The other Dattalo sibling improved on their placement from last season, making upsets on Skerzo and Ober this time around, not to mention winning records on Eggy and ORLY as well. However, with a combined 0-9 vs the rest of the PR, this wasn’t enough to propel this Fox any higher.

Despite not taking down any of the top placers, Eggy still impressed with wins over Unsure, NoFluxes, and Hyunnies. He also performed well out of region, making top 16 at Fall Fest.

Newly engaged Sam Park still found time to cut up Chicago this season, having even or winning records over all below him and scoring a win on Unsure.

And that’s it for the first five slots of the Chicagoland Melee Fall 2021 Power Rankings. Stay tuned this weekend to see the rest of the top 10 spots. Follow @MeleeChicago on Twitter for updates and more.

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