CLM Fall 2021 Power Rankings: 10-6

Evan “Larfen” Himes

The Fall 2021 Power Rankings continues with players 10-6.

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15-11 | 6-1 (coming Sunday)

The PR Panel:
Penicillin Krillin


Starting off the top 10 is our resident sandbagger. Azzu has an impressive 2-3 record on Skerzo, and a clean 2-0 on Fluid. Despite being prone to upsets, I think most of us realize that Azzu could easily be higher if he decided to stop playing Donkey Kong in bracket.

Debuting on the CLM PR in the top 10, this Marth main had his best season yet. Arpy has winning records on everyone below him, and has taken sets off Fluid and Skerzo. Perhaps most impressively, though, he took his first set off Larfen.

The sole Sheik representative, Pleeba actually only had 2 losing records this season: to Skerzo and Ober. Despite a win on each of them, he failed to really break through and make an impact deep in bracket.

Our fearless leader maintains a solid PR placement once again. Though he struggled against the top, Unsure maintained winning records over Fluid and Arpy, while going even with Pleeba. Out of region, he scored wins on Forrest, Savestate, Kuya, and Captain G as well.

At long last, CLM’s villain (or anti-hero?) makes his PR debut. The jumpy Ganon hopped far above everyone below him on the PR, losing just 1 set to Eggy and no one else. However, his record on those ranked above him is just 1-7, the 1 being on Fluid. I would also be remiss to not mention his phenomenal out-of-region performances this season, placing an insane 3rd at Smash Con Fall Fest, double eliminating SluG, and also taking a set off Dimension at Smash World Tour.

With that last spot, the Fall 2021 Power Rankings are turning out to be quite the turn of events. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see the last 5 top spots. Follow @MeleeChicago on Twitter for updates and more.

For the other articles in the series:
15-11 | 6-1 (coming Sunday)

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