CLM Fall 2021 Power Rankings: The Top 5

Evan “Larfen” Himes

The Fall 2021 Power Rankings continues with players 5-1.

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The PR Panel:
Penicillin Krillin


Despite a relatively bumpy season, with losing records vs NoFluxes, Unsure, and Azzu; Fluid still stands tall at #5. However, his domination of the top spacies helped him stay afloat, with a combined 4-1 record vs JustJoe and Ober. Michael and Skerzo firmly barred him from any further victories, however.

Everyone’s favorite sharpshooter had a great season this time around, being the only player besides Skerzo with a winning record over Michael (2-1). Besides the absolute top players in the region, few could even touch him.

After a long, long hiatus from in-person competing, CLM’s sigma male rockets all the way up to #3. Being the only other player besides Michael to take a tournament over Skerzo this season, his skill can’t be ignored. Once he can take a set off Michael, who knows how far he can go! Back to the grind.

After finally finding himself on top last season, Michael has once again been relegated to 2nd on the PR by a filthy fox. His record against the field remains pretty bulletproof, though, having dropped sets to only 3 players in region all season.

For the first time, 4 years after his debut in 2018, Skerzo has made it to the top of the CLM PR. Boasting winning records on every other PR member, this is indisputable. Dirty Skerzy is a force to be reckoned with in region and out, having also defeated foreign foes such as KJH, Bones, Free Palestine, and Bobby Big Ballz at in-person events this year.

Thank you for following in this new format for Chicagoland Melee’s power rankings. This season was a banger and I can’t wait to see more from CLM’s own. Follow @MeleeChicago on Twitter for more articles and updates.

For the other articles in the series:
15-11 | 10-6

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