Smash World Tour: CLM Recap

Josef “Fluid” Ayupan

Players from around the world congregated last weekend in Orlando, Florida to partake in the first truly international Super Smash Bros. tournament since the COVID global lockdown. From the Windy City, Chicago sent phoenix, influenza, Frost, NoFluxes, Mekk, Unsure, and Skerzo to go up against the international competition.

Within the 60-person doubles bracket, phoenix and influenza placed a respectable 25th place while NoFluxes and Mekk placed their exact seed by getting 9th. Notably, NoFluxes and Mekk took down Orlando staples Komodo and Kuya to make the final bracket.

In the 236 person singles bracket, Frost fell to Colorado PR Jigglypuff DSF and South Florida PR Sheik Shamunt to get 49th. NoFluxes triumphed over Philadelphia’s Marth, Dimension, before falling to mid-tier opponents Axe and Kuya to get 33rd. TO of Chicago’s premier tournament Hold that L, Unsure, bested Australia’s #4 player, DonB, but ultimately lost to 2Saint and Fizz to get 33rd as well.

Mekk and Skerzo both had surprising finishes as they tore through the open bracket. Sent into losers by Panda, Skerzo went on to defeat Puerto Rican legend Excel Zero where Michigan’s very own KJH lied in wait. In a dazzling game 5 series, Skerzo would conquer KJH, marking the first time Chicago talent has eliminated a top Michigan player in years. Skerzo’s next matchup would be Ohio vanguard Drephen, and once again, it would go into a heart-pounding full set. Yet, Skerzo was unable to squeeze out the win and placed 17th place despite his original seed being 22nd.

One must wonder who sent KJH to losers in the first place, but wonder no more, for Chicago’s very own Mekk was the player to make one of the biggest upsets of the tournament. Following his win over KJH, Mekk would have a hermetic series against Panda but was unable to close the series out. In losers, Mekk would bounce back and defeat New Jersey’s TheSWOOPER, before meeting his unfortunate demise to Mew2King. However out of the 236 entrants, Mekk would become the highest placing CLM player with a 13th place finish. His original seed was 27th.

Looking forward, Chicago’s next big showout will be in the end of January 2022 at San Jose, California for Genesis 8, and Chicago is looking to make a splash. Based on the current attendees, Azzu, GI0GOAT, Casual, Killablue, FoxCap, Fluid, NoFluxes, Eggy, Unsure, Ober, and Skerzo will be there to represent the 4 starred city.

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