CLM Open Ballot – Definitions, Explanations, and Procedure

by Andrew “Unsure” Bisciglia

CLM Summer 2022 Power Rankings

Requirements For 2022 Fall

PR Eligible Event = An event where at least 1 PR player is in attendance
CLM = Events that are in close driving distance within the Chicagoland area. Currently there is DeSmash, Midlane, Scrims, and TPS.
PR Eligibility = Must be a regular tournament attendee at CLM events. 6 events required to be eligible, with at least one being within the last month of PR season. Our system needs enough data to properly rank these players so attendance is crucial, and if you are a potential PR player, you must be regularly attending events.

Where We Started

CLM has always used a variation of a panel that usually consisted of top players as well as tournament organizers. The PR panel was chosen by previous members as they left or if the panel determined they needed to add more members. Otherwise, this panel changed to a very small degree over the course of its tenure.

This does not leave a lot of room for change or variance in the panel. If someone wanted to get involved in the operational side of things for CLM, it would be very challenging. The system that we have brought forth this past season hopes to allow for a bit more community engagement to the internal process.

The Old System

The PR panel would receive a private link to our rankings. They would then create their own ballots and rank the players in the top 20. After each ballot is collected (roughly 6-8 in total), they are then averaged to determine the averaged PR. Once the PR has been averaged, each name is brought up for a vote and discussion. For example, player X is #1 in the averaged PR. Each panelist would then vote to say yes or no if they agreed. If there was not a consensus, then discussion would take place and then make a determination of their placement. Most of the time the averaged PR was quite close to the final product with some very minor changes. This process continues for all of the top 15/20 and the final PR is created. This is then handed off to our graphic designer to create the PR as well as our editors to do write ups.

The New System

The stats page is public knowledge where anyone at any time can see the players ranks according to the stats. All players within CLM are allowed to vote on the top 20 players from that season. Ballots are publicly available on our website to which each balloter must order the top 20 players according to our CLM Stats page. All of the ballots that are sent in are then pruned to ensure there are no troll or otherwise ineligible ballots. After that point, the ballots are then collated and averaged out to determine the PR order. There will be no further changes after the ballots have been averaged out. This is then sent over to our graphic designer as well as editing team to create the image as well as write-ups.

Next Season

The timeline that I foresee for this process is as follows;
One week before the PR season ends, a timer begins on the CLM Stats site to begin voting. If there are no other events happening in that time period, voting can begin early.
Once voting begins, you will have one week to submit your ballot. During that time, our design/writing team will already be able to view the ballot and see the pool of players they are working with. They can then begin their portion of the process.
After voting commences, we will collate the information and ideally publish the PR shortly thereafter.

Ideally, this should change this process from being a multiple week/month long process into a single week or less process.

Building community engagement going forward for this process is crucial. Getting as many people as possible involved will be something that we are looking to achieve every ranking period.

Final Thoughts

The transparency of this process is important for players of all skill levels. Whether you are working hard to get ranked or are already an established player, we believe that you should know how the process works and how you can participate. The process for this season was a bit clunky, but we feel that after one more season it will run like clockwork.

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