Who we are

Chicagoland Melee (CLM) is, in short, a community of competitive Super Smash Bros Melee enthusiasts in the greater Chicago area. Most of our community members are Tournament Players, but we’re also comprised of Tournament Organizers, Streamers, Commentators, Teachers, and more. Additionally, our community includes not only those residing in the city of Chicago, but nearby suburbs and even parts of Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin.

What we do

The core of CLM is Melee tournaments. Our Tournament Organizers host weekly open tournaments for local competitors (or whoever happens to be in town!) to attend, and also host occasional larger, regional events. This also involves smash clubs at universities in Chicago. Everything CLM does is in service for these primary events, whether that be publishing rankings of our best players, streaming our events, or modding competitor’s controllers.

How can I join?

There is no formal membership for CLM, anyone who attends a tournament is welcome! We are an inclusive community that is welcoming to all, regardless of age, gender, or race. CLM encourages Melee enthusiasts to engage with our community in any way they like, though entering and competing in brackets is certainly the most popular. If you’re looking to see what we’re about in person, please direct your attention to the Tournaments section of this website and find a local tournament near you!